Research interests

The Department of Sports Economics and Health Economics bases its research on the leading scientific standards. In addition to a thorough theoretical foundation, there is always an attempt to create an empirical basis as the basis for theories. In addition to the core areas of Sports Economics and Sports Management, the chair always aims for interdisciplinary integration. The focus is on Sports Policy, Health Economics and Sports Medicine or Sports Psychology.


Club and association management

Theoretical and empirical analysis of the club and association management as well as development of suggestions for improvement of the association's work. One focus here is on the subject of quality management.

Strategic Management in Sport

Theory, development and testing of management approaches in commercial and non-commercial sports businesses. The focus is on quality management, customer-oriented satisfaction management, customer and market segmentation and competition analyzes. Current projects are concerned e.g. with the fitness industry.

Sport and health

Economic evaluation of physical activities and analysis of their economic impact on health care with the aim of designing alternative health policy concepts.

Analysis of the relationship of sport and physical activity with urban life as a basis for modern urban development.

Economic aspects of doping

Theoretical and empirical analysis of the doping behavior of competitive athletes on the basis of an economic behavioral model.